Why is Protein Important for Cats?

Although many animals need protein, cats have a higher protein requirement as they are true carnivores who must eat meat to survive. We take a look at why protein is important for cats and what type of foods are high in protein.

by Trilogy-au Admin

How do cats use protein?
Protein is made up of amino acids, which are necessary for building and repairing tissues, production of hormones, antibodies, enzymes and for the transport of energy. Cats break protein down into amino acids, which they burn for energy or use to make new proteins. Cats have 20 amino acids in their bodies and 11 of these are considered essential amino acids. Having an insufficient level of any one these can cause health problems.


Why is high quality animal protein better?
High quality animal protein is incredibly important in your cat’s food as the amino acid content in animal proteins more closely matches their needs compared to plant proteins. That’s why at TRILOGY™ our grain free cat food uses a cat’s natural preference for meat as the basis for our recipes, providing the high meat protein cats have craved for thousands of years in the wild.


What cat foods are high in protein?
Wet cat foods provide nutrient content closer to that of what cats would eat in the wild. Dry cat food is concentrated nutrition due to the low moisture content. When comparing between brands, don’t just look at the total protein level of the food, but also the source of the protein. Remember meat based protein is more bioavailable to your cat than plant based proteins (such as grains).


Our Range
At TRILOGY, our complete range is grain free so you can rest assured your cat will be getting high quality animal-based protein.