Frequently Ask Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common cat and kitten food questions we receive. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • How do I transition my cat to TRILOGY?

    It's important to introduce any new cat food gradually so you avoid the risk of upsetting your cat's stomach or worse. You should introduce any new foods slowly over the course of a week to help your cat adjust to a new diet. Start out by replacing 20% of your pet’s normal food, then move to 40%, then 60%, then 80% and finally 100% over the week. 

    To help you monitor how your cat is responding to their new food, make sure you only introduce one new food at a time to their diet. And remember to keep a close eye on your feline friend when introducing new foods to their diet. Their stools may change in appearance once you change their diet. Consult your vet for advice if you have any concerns.

  • Where do you source your ingredients from?

    All of our ingredients are high quality. Our kibble is crafted with high quality Australian sourced meat and fish proteins, and our freeze dried Complete Prey™ is sourced from New Zealand using grass fed or wild caught New Zealand meat and fish proteins and our freeze dried Treats are sourced from both Australia and New Zealand.

  • What types of quality and safety checks do you do?

    We use the highest quality and safety measures to ensure your cat has the best nutrition and stays happy and healthy.

  • Is your packaging recyclable?

    Our Dry Kibble range and Wet Food cans are both recyclable. Please help us contribute to a sustainable future by recycling these items.

  • What role does grass play in a cat’s diet?

    Cats naturally eat grasses in the wild for their overall health and they can aid in a cat’s digestion. That’s why each TRILOGY™ kibble recipe is formulated with the right amount of natural grass, chicory root, yucca extract and fibres to help support their digestive health and reduce litter box odour.

  • What is barramundi?

    Native to Australia, barramundi is a white fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids that supports cardiovascular health. Barramundi is high in protein, and has half the calories of salmon. TRILOGY™ uses sustainable barramundi from the tropical waters of the Norther Territory.

  • Which TRILOGY™ product is right for my cat?

    At TRILOGY™ our cat and kitten foods have been specifically designed by pet nutritionists for instinctual, natural eating cats crave. Here is a summary of the range to help you decide what’s right for your cat:

    • Wet cat food has more moisture content, which some cats may prefer. The level of moisture in wet products is similar to that of fresh meat. This higher moisture in wet food provides a smart way to boost your cats hydration.

    • Dry cat food can provide texture variety that cats enjoy through crunching and is able to be left out for longer if your cat likes to come and go.

    • Cat treats that are high in protein can be given to your cat as part of a healthy diet. Remember they should be given in moderation and be included in your cat’s overall energy intake.

    • Kitten food should be given to kittens up to one year old. It’s important to note growing kittens can need up to double the daily energy requirements of adult cats and have very specific nutritional needs to ensure optimal growth and development. Our Foundation Food for Kittens (Dry Kibble and Wet) are all Complete and Balanced.

    • Complete Prey™ is a freeze dried, high protein and nutrient dense meal that mirrors how your cat would eat in nature. It is Complete and Balanced and included muscle meat and organs.

    • Protein Pods will also help to boost hydration for your cat and provide variety to their meals. The pods feature freeze dried protein with a rich bone broth.

    • Mixed feeding gives a great textural variation to your cat’s meal. Just remember to balance out the total energy of the meal so that they don’t over indulge.

  • What are the benefits of freeze dried?

    Freeze drying is a technique that preserves raw ingredients, such as fresh meat, by gently removing the moisture. Freeze dried protein is minimally processed and preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients and is naturally high in the protein that cats crave. Cats also enjoy the crunchy texture.

  • Why should I choose grain free cat food?

    Cats have survived in the wild for thousands of years following a grain free diet. All our cat food and kitten food have no added grains. By excluding grains in our cat food, we can include more of the things that cats instinctively prefer, like real animal proteins, and allow them to have a diet similar to what they would have in nature.

  • What does having high quality protein mean for my cat?

    Cats are true carnivores and instinctually crave meat. They utilise proteins found in meat for energy and for the amino acids in protein for the health and maintenance of their body functions. If you’re looking to give your cat a diet that is close to what they would find in nature, you need to look for cat food recipes that have high quality animal protein.

  • Can I feed my cat treats?

    Cat treats that are high in protein can be given to your cat as part of their overall diet. We have created a range of all natural, healthy cat treats and kitten treats made with freeze dried protein that cats instinctually crave.

  • Where can I buy your cat food?

    We are available in a range of speciality pet stores across Australia. Visit our Stockists page to see where we are stocked. Otherwise please Contact Us.

  • What if I am not satisfied with your product?

    If for any reason you or your cat are not satisfied our products please Contact Us.