Signs of a Healthy Cat

At TRILOGY, our aim is to help cats lead a healthy and harmonious life, as close to nature as possible. But it can be difficult to understand whether or not your cat has a healthy lifestyle. With the help of our species experts and pet nutritionists, we’ve put together this list of the top signs of a healthy cat.

by Trilogy-au Admin


The best way to gauge proper body condition is to feel your cat’s body. Ideally, you cannot see the ribs and spine, but they are easily felt when you run your hands over your cat. Your cat will also have a visible waist. The feeding guide on the pack is there to help, but remember it is a guide only, and you may need to increase or decrease their food accordingly.


Stools can provide a lot of information about the health of your pet and the quality of food given. Ideally, stools should be small, firm-looking, but soft and moist if you picked it up. This tells you the essential nutrients have been effectively absorbed by your pet’s body. Abnormal stools are wet and sloppy or dry and crumbly. While stools can range in colour depending on what was eaten, it should be a shade of brown.


You know your cat best, so you’re the best person to be watching out for any signs or symptoms of poor health they may exhibit. A healthy cat will have:

  • A shiny and lustrous coat
  • Bright and clear eyes
  • Intact, healthy and non-irritated skin
  • Adequate energy for their age and activity level, and overall good temperament.

Seek help from your veterinarian if you observe:

  • Dull and patchy coat
  • Eyes that are red, sore or have a visible discharge
  • Irritated skin, visible flaking, redness, or itchiness
  • Lethargic, aggravated behaviour, or visibly upset due over a digestive issue



Cats have specific instinctual behaviours they will exhibit when they are happy and healthy:

  • Grooming: healthy cats will keep themselves well-groomed and will also groom other pets and their owners.
  • Tails Up: when a cat holds her tail high and twitches the end of their tail, it is a sign they are happy and confident with those around them.
  • Ears Forward: happy and healthy cats will face their ears forward rather than flat against their head.
  • Playtime: A cat who engages in a lot of play is a happy and healthy cat, and it shows they are following their natural instincts to hunt.

Remember to seek help from your veterinarian if you are at all concerned about your pet’s health or wellbeing.