Wet Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food

We all want our cat to live a healthy and harmonious life, but many of us aren’t sure what type of cat food is best for them. To help guide you, we’ve put together these tips on the benefits of feeding your feline wet cat food vs dry cat food.

by Trilogy-au Admin

Which food is best? 

It depends on the cat. Much like people, you could have two cats that are siblings and they could still have totally different nutritional needs. The best way to find what works for each individual cat is trial and error - trying different foods and seeing how the cat does on it.


Dry Cat Food
Dry cat food is a convenient option many cat owners love. It’s good for those of us with cats who like to graze on their food throughout the day as it can be left in a bowl without spoiling. Dry cat food has less moisture than wet food, so it has a longer shelf life. Crunching on kibble can also help to reduce tartar and plaque that can build up on your cat’s teeth via mechanical abrasion.


Wet Cat Food
Wet cat food contains moisture that aids in proper digestion and contributes to your cat’s overall water intake. It’s also generally much more palatable for cats and easier to eat, so you might find they prefer it over dry food.


Mixed Feeding
Many vets believe providing your cat with a variety of foods can be
beneficial for their health, so there’s nothing wrong with trying ‘mixed feeding’ - a combination of wet and dry. When mixed feeding, make sure you balance out the total energy of the meal so that they don’t over indulge.


Variety is Key
Cats instinctually crave variety in their diet and can get bored with the same food day after day, so don’t be afraid to mix up their meals. Remember to make sure you transition your cat to any new foods slowly over the course of a week.